The name of this superfamily has been modified since the most recent official CATH+ release (v4_3_0). At the point of the last release, this superfamily was named:

FAD-linked oxidases, C-terminal domain

Functional Families

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FunFam 1: Cytokinin dehydrogenase 2

There are 1 EC terms in this cluster

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EC Term Annotations Evidence
Cytokinin dehydrogenase. [EC:]
N(6)-dimethylallyladenine + acceptor + H(2)O = adenine + 3-methylbut-2- enal + reduced acceptor.
  • Converts zeatin and related cytokinins.
  • Catalyzes the oxidation of cytokinins, a family of N(6)-substituted adenine derivatives that are plant hormones, where the substituent is a dimethylallyl or other prenyl group.
  • Although this activity was previously thought to be catalyzed by a hydrogen-peroxide-forming oxidase, this enzyme does not require oxygen for activity and does not form hydrogen peroxide.
  • 2,6-dichloroindophenol, methylene blue, nitroblue tetrazolium, phenazine methosulfate and Cu(2+) in the presence of imidazole can act as acceptors.
17 A0A178VQ24 A0A178VQ24 A0A2R4SUF6 A0A2R4SUF6 B3DNN3 B3DNN3 O22213 O22213 Q4ADV8 Q4ADV8
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