The name of this superfamily has been modified since the most recent official CATH+ release (v4_2_0). At the point of the last release, this superfamily was: waiting to be named.

Functional Families

Overview of the Structural Clusters (SC) and Functional Families within this CATH Superfamily. Clusters with a representative structure are represented by a filled circle.
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FunFam 151671: PTS system, diacetylchitobiose-specific IIB compon...

There are 2 EC terms in this cluster

Please note: EC annotations are assigned to the full protein sequence rather than individual protein domains. Since a given protein can contain multiple domains, it is possible that some of the annotations below come from additional domains that occur in the same protein, but have been classified elsewhere in CATH.

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EC Term Annotations Evidence
Transferred entry:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and [EC:]
    196 A0A023P376 A0A063XFX8 A0A076W984 A0A080UK46 A0A084IU46 A0A090YN51 A0A0A3VW85 A0A0B0QIK8 A0A0B4SCR5 A0A0B5NEI2
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    Protein-N(pi)-phosphohistidine--D-mannose phosphotransferase. [EC:]
    [Protein]-N(pi)-phospho-L-histidine + D-mannose(Side 1) = [protein]-L- histidine + D-mannose 6-phosphate(Side 2).
    • This enzyme is a component (known as enzyme II) of a phosphoenolpyruvate (PEP)-dependent, sugar transporting phosphotransferase system (PTS).
    • The system, which is found only in prokaryotes, simultaneously transports its substrate from the periplasm or extracellular space into the cytoplasm and phosphorylates it.
    • The phosphate donor, which is shared among the different systems, is a phospho-carrier protein of low molecular mass that has been phosphorylated by EC
    • Enzyme II, on the other hand, is specific for a particular substrate, although in some cases alternative substrates can be transported with lower efficiency.
    • The reaction involves a successive transfer of the phosphate group to several amino acids within the enzyme before the final transfer to the substrate.
    • Formerly EC
    83 A0A023P376 A0A0A3VW85 A0A0B5NEI2 A0A0D1R3R4 A0A0D7XR41 A0A0E1LHP2 A0A0E8TGQ7 A0A0F6FPV3 A0A0G3E398 A0A0G4D7S2
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