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Superfamily P-loop containing nucleotide triphosphate hydrolases
Functional Family Nitrogenase iron protein 2

Enzyme Information
based on mapping to UniProt P00459
8 reduced ferredoxin + 8 H(+) + N(2) + 16 ATP + 16 H(2)O = 8 oxidized ferredoxin + H(2) + 2 NH(3) + 16 ADP + 16 phosphate.
-!- Composed of two proteins that can be separated but are both required for nitrogenase activity. -!- Dinitrogen reductase is a [4Fe-4S] protein, which, with two molecules of ATP and ferredoxin, generates an electron. -!- The electron is transferred to the other protein, dinitrogenase (molybdoferredoxin). -!- Dinitrogenase is a molybdenum-iron protein that reduces dinitrogen in three succesive two-electron reductions from nitrogen to diimine to hydrazine to two molecules of ammonia; the molybdenum may be replaced by vanadium or iron. -!- The reduction is initiated by formation of hydrogen in stoichiometric amounts. -!- Acetylene is reduced to ethylene (but only very slowly to ethane), azide to nitrogen and ammonia, and cyanide to methane and ammonia. -!- In the absence of a suitable substrate, hydrogen is slowly formed. -!- Ferredoxin may be replaced by flavodoxin (see EC -!- Formerly EC

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Azotobacter vinelandii
Nitrogenase iron protein 1

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Nitrogenase complexes: multiple docking sites for a nucleotide switch protein.
Tezcan, F.A., Kaiser, J.T., Mustafi, D., Walton, M.Y., Howard, J.B., Rees, D.C.