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Superfamily Cysteine proteinases
Functional Family Cathepsin S

Enzyme Information
Cathepsin S.
based on mapping to UniProt P25774
Similar to cathepsin L, but with much less activity on Z-Phe-Arg-|-NHMec, and more activity on the Z-Val-Val-Arg-|-Xaa compound.
-!- A lysosomal cysteine endopeptidase that is unusual among such enzymes for its stability to neutral pH. -!- Belongs to peptidase family C1.

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Homo sapiens
Cathepsin S

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Organism Escherichia
Primary Citation
Design and Synthesis of Reversible Inhibitors of Cathepsin S: alpha,alpha-Disubstitution at the P1 Residue Provides Potent Inhibitors in Cellular Assays and In Vivo Models of Antigen Presentation
Ward, Y.D., Emmanuel, M.J., Thomson, D.S., Liu, W., Bekkali, Y., Frye, L.L., Girardot, M., Morwick, T., Young, E.R.R., Zindell, R., Hrapchak, M., DeTuri, M., White, A., Crane, K.M., White, D.M., Wang, Y., Hao, M.-H., Grygon, C.A., Labadia, M.E., Wildeson, J., Freeman, D., Nelson, R., Capolino, A., Peterson, J.D., Raymond, E.L., Brown, M.L., Spero, D.M.
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