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Superfamily Histidine kinase-like ATPase, C-terminal domain
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DNA topoisomerase (ATP-hydrolyzing).
based on mapping to UniProt P20083
ATP-dependent breakage, passage and rejoining of double-stranded DNA.
-!- The enzyme can introduce negative superhelical turns into double- stranded circular DNA. -!- One unit has nicking-closing activity, and another catalyzes super- twisting and hydrolysis of ATP (cf. EC -!- Formerly EC

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Escherichia coli K-12
DNA topoisomerase 4 subunit B

PDB Structure

PDB 1S14
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Organism Escherichia
Primary Citation
Crystal structures of Escherichia coli topoisomerase IV ParE subunit (24 and 43 kilodaltons): a single residue dictates differences in novobiocin potency against topoisomerase IV and DNA gyrase.
Bellon, S., Parsons, J.D., Wei, Y., Hayakawa, K., Swenson, L.L., Charifson, P.S., Lippke, J.A., Aldape, R., Gross, C.H.
Antimicrob.Agents Chemother.