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Reeler domain

Functional Families

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Superfamily: Reeler domain

This superfamily represents the reeler (reelin) domain, a ~170 amino acid module which has been identified in the extracellular matrix proteins reelin and F-spondin (renamed Spon1) PMID:18602404,PMID:19020352. F-spondin is a secreted and extracellular matrix-attached protein that has been implicated in axonal pathfinding during neural development as well as in vascular remodelling in adult tissues PMID:19020352. The reelin domain is found in association with other modules, such as the thrombospondin type I repeat (TSP1), the spondin domain, the fibronectin type III domain or the Kunitz trypsin protease inhibitor domain. Its function is not yet known PMID:9441663,PMID:10409509. Although some of these proteins are specifically expressed in neural tissues, no specific biological function has been attributed to this domain PMID:19020352.

The reeler domain of F-spondin is composed of four-stranded and five-stranded antiparallel beta-sheets that are arranged in a beta-sandwich fold.

PFAM:PF02014, INTERPRO:IPR002861,DOI:10.1107/S0907444908028308

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