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Superfamily Cysteine proteinases
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Peptidase 1 (mite).
based on mapping to UniProt P08176
Broad endopeptidase specificity.
-!- This enzyme, derived from the house dust mite, is a major component of the allergic immune response. -!- The substrate specificity of this enzyme is not altogether clear; it cleaves the low-affinity IgE receptor CD23 at 298-Glu-|-Ser-299 and 155-Ser-|-Ser-156. -!- It also cleaves the pulmonary structural proteins occludin and claudin at Leu-|-Leu, Asp-|-Leu and at Gly-|-Thr bonds, and it can also cleave the alpha subunit of the interleukin-2 (IL-2) receptor (CD25). -!- Using a positional scanning combinatorial library, it was found that the major substrate-specificity determinant is for Ala in the P2 position. -!- The enzyme shows only a slight preference for basic amino acids in the P1 and P3 positions and a preference for aliphatic amino acids such as Ile, Pro, Val, Leu and norleucine in the P4 position. -!- Belongs to peptidase family C1.

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Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus
Peptidase 1

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Structural Analysis of Der p 1-Antibody Complexes and Comparison with Complexes of Proteins or Peptides with Monoclonal Antibodies.
Osinski, T., Pomes, A., Majorek, K.A., Glesner, J., Offermann, L.R., Vailes, L.D., Chapman, M.D., Minor, W., Chruszcz, M.
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