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Superfamily Alpha carbonic anhydrase
Functional Family Alpha carbonic anhydrase 3

Enzyme Information
Carbonic anhydrase.
based on mapping to UniProt P07451
H(2)CO(3) = CO(2) + H(2)O.
-!- The enzyme catalyzes the reversible hydration of gaseous CO(2) to carbonic acid, which spontaneously converts to hydrogencarbonate under neutral pH. -!- It is widespread and found in archaea, bacteria, and eukaryotes. -!- Three distinct classes exist, and appear to have evolved independently.

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Homo sapiens
Carbonic anhydrase 3

PDB Structure

PDB 1Z93
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Organism Escherichia
Primary Citation
Human Carbonic Anhydrase III: Structural and Kinetic Study of Catalysis and Proton Transfer
Duda, D.M., Tu, C., Fisher, S.Z., An, H., Yoshioka, C., Govindasamy, L., Laipis, P.J., Agbandje-McKenna, M., Silverman, D.N., McKenna, R.