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Host OrganismHomo sapiens
Gene SourceHuman immunodeficiency virus 1
Primary Citation
Immunization expands B cells specific to HIV-1 V3 glycan in mice and macaques.
Escolano, A., Gristick, H.B., Abernathy, M.E., Merkenschlager, J., Gautam, R., Oliveira, T.Y., Pai, J., West Jr., A.P., Barnes, C.O., Cohen, A.A., Wang, H., Golijanin, J., Yost, D., Keeffe, J.R., Wang, Z., Zhao, P., Yao, K.H., Bauer, J., Nogueira, L., Gao, H., Voll, A.V., Montefiori, D.C., Seaman, M.S., Gazumyan, A., Silva, M., McGuire, A.T., Stamatatos, L., Irvine, D.J., Wells, L., Martin, M.A., Bjorkman, P.J., Nussenzweig, M.C.
HeaderViral Protein/Immune System
CATH Insert Date16 Jun, 2019

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