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Host OrganismEscherichia coli
Gene SourceXenopus laevis
Primary Citation
Multivalent Interactions by the Set8 Histone Methyltransferase With Its Nucleosome Substrate.
Girish, T.S., McGinty, R.K., Tan, S.
CATH Insert Date10 Apr, 2016

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Chain ID Date inserted into CATH CATH Status
A 11 Apr, 2016 Rejected
B 11 Apr, 2016 Rejected
G 11 Apr, 2016 Rejected
H 11 Apr, 2016 Rejected
I 11 Apr, 2016 Rejected
J 11 Apr, 2016 Rejected
K 11 Apr, 2016 Rejected
M 11 Apr, 2016 Rejected

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UniProtKB Entries (6)

Accession Gene ID Taxon Description
Q9NQR1 KMT5A_HUMAN Homo sapiens N-lysine methyltransferase KMT5A
P62799 H4_XENLA Xenopus laevis Histone H4
P02281 H2B11_XENLA Xenopus laevis Histone H2B 1.1
P06897 H2A1_XENLA Xenopus laevis Histone H2A type 1
P84233 H32_XENLA Xenopus laevis Histone H3.2
P21827 RCC1_YEAST Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288C Guanine nucleotide exchange factor SRM1