The name of this superfamily has been modified since the most recent official CATH+ release (v4_3_0). At the point of the last release, this superfamily was named:


Functional Families

Overview of the Structural Clusters (SC) and Functional Families within this CATH Superfamily. Clusters with a representative structure are represented by a filled circle.

Superfamily: Folliculin

According to the literature structural domains that comprise this superfamily are found on the C-terminus of folliculin, but since there is only one structure in the PDB which shows this, it has not been included in the name as definitive.

It is also important to note that in the UniProt keyword pairs the term "tpr repeat" comes up quite a number of times. After comparing structures of folliculin with that of TPR repeats and the superfamily representative domain it can be seen that the TRP motif is a subdomain of the superfamily representative domain, comprised by the two small alpha helices which are linked together by a short loop.

GO Diversity

Unique GO annotations
50 Unique GO terms

EC Diversity

Unique EC annotations
0 Unique EC terms

Species Diversity

Unique species annotations
312 Unique species

Sequence/Structure Diversity

Overview of the sequence / structure diversity of this superfamily compared to other superfamilies in CATH. Click on the chart to view the data in more detail.

Superfamily Summary

A general summary of information for this superfamily.
Domains: 2
Domain clusters (>95% seq id): 1
Domain clusters (>35% seq id): 1
Unique PDBs: 1
Structural Clusters (5A): 1
Structural Clusters (9A): 1
FunFam Clusters: 3
Unique EC:
Unique GO: 50
Unique Species: 312