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Superfamily Single helix bin
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Plastoquinol--plastocyanin reductase.
based on mapping to UniProt P83794
Plastoquinol + 2 oxidized plastocyanin + 2 H(+)(Side 1) = plastoquinone + 2 reduced plastocyanin + 4 H(+)(Side 2).
-!- Contains two b-type cytochromes, two c-type cytochromes (c(n) and f), and a [2Fe-2S] Rieske cluster. -!- The enzyme plays a key role in photosynthesis, transferring electrons from photosystem II (EC to photosystem I (EC -!- Cytochrome c-552 can act as acceptor instead of plastocyanin, but more slowly. -!- In chloroplasts, protons are translocated through the thylakoid membrane from the lumen to the stroma. -!- The mechanism occurs through the Q cycle as in EC (complex III) and involves electron bifurcation. -!- Formerly EC and EC

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Mastigocladus laminosus
Cytochrome b6

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PDB 2E75
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Structure of the Cytochrome b(6)f Complex: Quinone Analogue Inhibitors as Ligands of Heme c(n)
Yamashita, E., Zhang, H., Cramer, W.A.