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Superfamily Single helix bin
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Quinol--cytochrome-c reductase.
based on mapping to UniProt P0CY48
Quinol + 2 ferricytochrome c(Side 2) = quinone + 2 ferrocytochrome c(Side 2) + 2 H(+)(Side 2).
-!- The enzyme, often referred to as the cytochrome bc1 complex or complex III, is the third complex in the electron transport chain. -!- It is present in the mitochondria of all aerobic eukaryotes and in the inner membranes of most bacteria. -!- The mammalian enzyme contains cytochromes b-562, b-566 and c(1), and a 2-iron ferredoxin. -!- Depending on the organism and physiological conditions, the enzyme extrudes either two or four protons from the cytoplasmic to the non- cytoplasmic compartment (cf. EC -!- Formerly EC

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Rhodobacter capsulatus
Ubiquinol-cytochrome c reductase iron-sulfur subunit

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Organism Rhodobacter
Primary Citation
X-Ray Structure of Rhodobacter Capsulatus Cytochrome bc (1): Comparison with its Mitochondrial and Chloroplast Counterparts.
Berry, E.A., Huang, L.S., Saechao, L.K., Pon, N.G., Valkova-Valchanova, M., Daldal, F.