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Superfamily 3.10.450.40
Functional Family Amine oxidase

Enzyme Information
Primary-amine oxidase.
based on mapping to UniProt Q16853
RCH(2)NH(2) + H(2)O + O(2) = RCHO + NH(3) + H(2)O(2).
-!- A group of enzymes that oxidize primary monoamines but have little or no activity toward diamines, such as histamine, or toward secondary and tertiary amines. -!- They are copper quinoproteins (2,4,5-trihydroxyphenylalanine quinone) and, unlike EC, are sensitive to inhibition by carbonyl-group reagents, such as semicarbazide. -!- In some mammalian tissues the enzyme also functions as a vascular- adhesion protein (VAP-1). -!- Formerly EC

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Homo sapiens
Membrane primary amine oxidase

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Organism Cricetulus
Primary Citation
Crystal structure of the human vascular adhesion protein-1: unique structural features with functional implications.
Airenne, T.T., Nymalm, Y., Kidron, H., Smith, D.J., Pihlavisto, M., Salmi, M., Jalkanen, S., Johnson, M.S., Salminen, T.A.
Protein Sci.