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Crystallographic structure of a complex between trypsin and a nonapeptide derived from a Bowman-Birk inhibitor found in Vigna unguiculata seeds.
Fernandes, J.P.C., Mehdad, A., Valadares, N.F., Mourao, C.B.F., Ventura, M.M., Barbosa, J.A.R.G., Freitas, S.M.
Arch. Biochem. Biophys.
HeaderHydrolase/Hydrolase Inhibitor
CATH Insert Date17 Mar, 2019

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PDB Chains (2)

Chain ID Date inserted into CATH CATH Status
A 17 Mar, 2019 Chopped
I 17 Mar, 2019 Rejected

CATH Domains (2)

Domain ID Date inserted into CATH Superfamily CATH Status
6e5mA01 18 Mar, 2019 Holding pen
6e5mA02 18 Mar, 2019 Assigned

UniProtKB Entries (2)

Accession Gene ID Taxon Description
Q9S9E3 IBB_VIGUC Vigna unguiculata subsp. cylindrica Horsegram inhibitor 1
P00760 TRY1_BOVIN Bos taurus Cationic trypsin