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Host OrganismEscherichia coli
Gene SourceEscherichia coli O6:H1 (strain CFT073 / ATCC 700928 / UPEC)
Primary Citation
Activation of Xer-recombination at dif: structural basis of the FtsK gamma-XerD interaction.
Keller, A.N., Xin, Y., Boer, S., Reinhardt, J., Baker, R., Arciszewska, L.K., Lewis, P.J., Sherratt, D.J., Lowe, J., Grainge, I.
Sci Rep
CATH Insert Date09 Oct, 2016

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PDB Chains (1)

Chain ID Date inserted into CATH CATH Status
A 10 Oct, 2016 Chopped

CATH Domains (2)

Domain ID Date inserted into CATH Superfamily CATH Status
5dcfA01 16 Feb, 2017 1.10.443.10 Assigned
5dcfA02 16 Feb, 2017 Assigned

UniProtKB Entries (2)

Accession Gene ID Taxon Description
P46889 FTSK_ECOLI Escherichia coli K-12 DNA translocase FtsK
P0A8P9 XERD_ECOL6 Escherichia coli CFT073 Tyrosine recombinase XerD