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Host OrganismEscherichia coli
Gene SourceDrosophila melanogaster
Primary Citation
Solution structure of a TBP-TAF(II)230 complex: protein mimicry of the minor groove surface of the TATA box unwound by TBP.
Liu, D., Ishima, R., Tong, K.I., Bagby, S., Kokubo, T., Muhandiram, D.R., Kay, L.E., Nakatani, Y., Ikura, M.
HeaderComplex (Transcription Factors)
CATH Insert Date05 Mar, 2006

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PDB Chains (2)

Chain ID Date inserted into CATH CATH Status
A 05 Mar, 2006 Chopped
B 05 Mar, 2006 Chopped

CATH Domains (3)

Domain ID Date inserted into CATH Superfamily CATH Status
1tbaA00 05 Mar, 2006 1.10.1100.10 Assigned
1tbaB01 05 Mar, 2006 3.30.310.10 Assigned
1tbaB02 05 Mar, 2006 3.30.310.10 Assigned

UniProtKB Entries (2)

Accession Gene ID Taxon Description
P13393 TBP_YEAST Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288C TATA-box-binding protein
P51123 TAF1_DROME Drosophila melanogaster Transcription initiation factor TFIID subunit 1