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Superfamily Glutamine Phosphoribosylpyrophosphate, subunit 1, domain 1
Functional Family Proteasome subunit alpha type-2

Enzyme Information
Proteasome endopeptidase complex.
based on mapping to UniProt P23639
Cleavage of peptide bonds with very broad specificity.
-!- A 20-S protein composed of 28 subunits arranged in four rings of seven. -!- The outer rings are composed of alpha subunits, but the beta subunits forming the inner rings are responsible for peptidase activity. -!- In eukaryotic organisms there are up to seven different types of beta subunits, three of which may carry the N-terminal threonine residues that are the nucleophiles in catalysis, and show different specificities. -!- The molecule is barrel-shaped, and the active sites are on the inner surfaces. -!- Terminal apertures restrict access of substrates to the active sites. -!- Inhibited by mercurial reagents and some inhibitors of serine endopeptidases. -!- Belongs to peptidase family T1. -!- Formerly EC, EC and EC

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Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288C
Proteasome subunit beta type-7

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Systematic Analyses of Substrate Preferences of 20S Proteasomes Using Peptidic Epoxyketone Inhibitors.
Huber, E.M., de Bruin, G., Heinemeyer, W., Paniagua Soriano, G., Overkleeft, H.S., Groll, M.