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Host OrganismEscherichia coli
Gene SourceHomo sapiens
Primary Citation
Interaction with WDR5 Promotes Target Gene Recognition and Tumorigenesis by MYC.
Thomas, L.R., Wang, Q., Grieb, B.C., Phan, J., Foshage, A.M., Sun, Q., Olejniczak, E.T., Clark, T., Dey, S., Lorey, S., Alicie, B., Howard, G.C., Cawthon, B., Ess, K.C., Eischen, C.M., Zhao, Z., Fesik, S.W., Tansey, W.P.
HeaderDna Binding Protein
CATH Insert Date28 Jun, 2015

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PDB Chains (2)

Chain ID Date inserted into CATH CATH Status
A 29 Jun, 2015 Chopped
B 29 Jun, 2015 Rejected

CATH Domains (1)

Domain ID Date inserted into CATH Superfamily CATH Status
4y7rA00 20 Jul, 2015 Assigned

UniProtKB Entries (2)

Accession Gene ID Taxon Description
P01106 MYC_HUMAN Homo sapiens Myc proto-oncogene protein
P61964 WDR5_HUMAN Homo sapiens WD repeat-containing protein 5